ANSA Data Analysis and Interpretation

Helping you unlock the true value of your data

ANSA Data Analysis and Interpretation

Our in-house ANSA team of qualified analysts deliver independent, timely and accurate data interpretation for well integrity, production logging and reservoir surveillance. 

No matter the data source – historical client data, third-party service company acquired data or READ Cased Hole acquired data – we’re fast and flexible, and we’ll deliver a bespoke solution for each customer’s specific operational requirements.

We are recognised experts in our field with exceptional analytical strength and depth of experience, as well as a proven track record of providing fast turnaround delivery and specialist third party interpretation solutions globally.

There are so many benefits to partnering with READ’s ANSA team for your downhole data analysis:

  • Unbiased advice and transparent results allowing the right decision to be made first time
  • Accurate interpretations from qualified and highly experienced analysts
  • Guaranteed high quality answers on time to support operational decision making
  • Comprehensive portfolio of analytical services
  • Robust management system ensuring consistency, accuracy and value across all of our products
  • Fully competent in vast range of industry software
  • No sales pitch - just answers
  • Round the clock support 24/7

ANSA Services

We offer a full suite of value-adding production evaluation services to help maximise your economic advantage.

Whether it’s an injection well or a three-phase extended reach production well, our ANSA team uses high resolution information derived from best-in-class flow rate, well fluid properties and well bore environment measurements to deliver customised products tailored to your specific requirements.

Our ANSA team provides independent and dedicated support throughout the data acquisition process, from objective feasibility and operational planning, to data quality control and log data interpretation. We ensure your survey objectives are met in full and provide a detailed report tailored to your specific requirements so that you can realise the true potential of your reservoir.

Understanding the performance of barriers and structural integrity plays a key part in optimising the management of your wells across their complete lifecycle. So it’s reassuring to know that our ANSA team delivers a comprehensive and industry-leading range of integrity evaluation services.

We use high resolution data from multiple sources including multifinger caliper, magnetic thickness, acoustic, well fluid properties and well bore environment measurements to deliver customised products tailored to your specific requirements.

We have the experience and expertise to analyse cement log data and present you with an accurate picture of hydraulic isolation in your well. You can trust our ANSA team to interpret data acquired by our own cement logging tools or by other well-known technologies used in the industry. We are competent in a vast range of industry software so can tailor our solutions to your specific requirements.

Our in-house ANSA team comprises experts in all aspects of cased hole log evaluation. Their services are available on an independent basis, giving you impartial, fast and highly accurate answers to complement third party data acquisition.

We also offer independent verification to corroborate previously analysed data sets.

Whether it’s a bespoke time-lapse study, a complex production log analysis, a validation of a previous interpretation or to temporarily strengthen your in-house capability, you can call on our ANSA team to turn your data into answers.

Day in, day out, READ’s ANSA team gives you the answers you need faster than anyone else. Through our rich 30-year history of precision analysis, we have pioneered a Fast Turn Around (FTA) service that delivers critical information in an accelerated time frame, enabling near real-time decision making and immediate action at the well site.

Our team of experts are available 24/7 and we typically deliver an FTA in a matter of hours.

We offer a suite of data analysis training courses for production logging, well integrity and reservoir evaluation. Taught by our in-house experienced and qualified ANSA analysts, our courses strengthen your knowledge of downhole data acquisition; help you better understand your data reports; and give you the know-how to perform your own downhole data analysis.

As well as our calendar of courses, we also offer bespoke training tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, using real-world examples taken directly from your own datasets.

In addition, we can work with you on a consultancy basis, advising you on crucial activities such as logging strategy, pre-job analysis and toolstring design.

Operators with a backlog of downhole acquired data turn to READ’s ANSA team to help with tidying, re-processing, interpreting, packaging and storing that data.

We ensure that your historical data is at your fingertips in one convenient, easily accessible bundle for future reference.

It’s easy to see why operators choose READ as their data analysis partner

We have three decades of oil and gas experience and expertise. We can support you from dedicated facilities across the globe. Our highly-skilled field engineers can mobilise to any worldwide location at the shortest of notice. Our expert analysts deliver comprehensive and high-precision data interpretation. We have an impeccable safety track record.

If you’re looking for unbiased answers from trusted and impartial experts, you can rely on our in-house ANSA data interpretation team to provide diagnostics excellence and fast, responsive service.

Speak to us and find out how our data analysis services can add value to your hydrocarbon recovery around the world.

Technical Datasheets

Access technical specifications for all of our downhole technologies.

Production Logging

We offer a broad range of technologies and services for production logging.

Well Integrity

READ offers an extensive suite of technologies and services for oil and gas well integrity evaluation.

Reservoir Evaluation

Our services, expertise and technical knowledge bring you closer to the reservoir.

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