Reservoir Evaluation

Bringing you closer to the reservoir

Reservoir Evaluation

We offer a full in-house scope of service for oil and gas operators’ reservoir formation evaluation.

Our specialist technologies, including our cutting-edge pulsed neutron Reservoir Analysis System (RAS) which uses Sigma and Carbon-Oxygen, help identify and exploit bypassed reserves and maximise hydrocarbon recovery. 

Each reservoir is unique. The clarity of our insight allows you to understand the reservoir’s conditions and challenges, and quantify hydrocarbons in the rock. You can trust us to deliver highly accurate measurements that ultimately give you an improved understanding of your well production, and help you better manage your reservoirs.

We bring you closer to the reservoir by:

Reservoir Evaluation Services

As an operator, you need reliable intelligence from a trusted source about your reservoirs. We have the experience and knowledge to give you valuable insight. We can monitor changes in gas-water-oil contact and contact movement and identify saturation changes, and you can benefit from our time-lapse capability to build a clear picture of your reservoir over many years.

By deploying our pulsed neutron Reservoir Analysis System (RAS), we can present you with valuable data regarding oil and gas behind the casing. This state-of-the-art technology can locate the reservoir rock, identify contacts, confirm fluid types and quantify hydrocarbon saturation.

When it comes identifying waterflow behind the casing, our RAS tool is the answer. This highly sophisticated pulsed neutron technology determines water flow, identifies fluid and gas entry points and measures flowrates outside the casing.

RAS Reservoir Analysis System READ Cased Hole

Pulsed Neutron

Our multi-detector Reservoir Analysis System (RAS) measures reservoir saturation and determines fluid contact depths using Sigma and Carbon-Oxygen techniques. We can deploy it in almost any well, in conjunction with most equipment currently in use across the globe.

It’s easy to see why operators choose READ as their reservoir evaluation partner

We have three decades of oil and gas experience and expertise. We can support you from dedicated facilities across the globe. Our highly-skilled field engineers can mobilise to any worldwide location at the shortest of notice. We deliver comprehensive and high-precision data analysis and interpretation. We have an impeccable safety track record.

In short, we integrate survey planning, data acquisition, log quality control and data analysis all under one roof, delivering the ultimate all-encompassing reservoir evaluation solution to help operators optimise production.

Speak to us and find out how our reservoir evaluation services can add value to your hydrocarbon recovery around the world.

Technical Datasheets

Access technical specifications for all of our downhole technologies.

Production Logging

We offer a broad range of technologies and services for production logging.

Well Integrity

READ offers an extensive suite of technologies and services for oil and gas well integrity evaluation.


Enabling operators and service companies to meet their cased hole logging requirements.

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