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Alan’s Marathon Story

All through 2019, we’re fundraising for Guide Dogs. And as part of that, 5 members of Team READ will be running the Edinburgh Marathon at the end of May. We’re catching up with each of our runners to hear all about why they’re taking on this challenge. This week – meet our Service Delivery Director, Alan Walsh, here’s his marathon story:

“I started running about 3 years ago. I had just moved to Aberdeen after a few years working in the US, and my fitness really needed a kick start, so I decided to try running. I remember going out for my very first run – let’s just say I didn’t get far! But I kept at it and started to really enjoy the freedom running gives you – it’s a fantastic way to de-stress.

So I’ve been running ever since, eventually working up to my first marathon which I ran in just over 4 hours. After that, I joined a local running club to get more coaching and help me work towards a sub-4 hour marathon – which I have since achieved! Being part of a club is great – even if the weather’s rotten you have that commitment to the others to turn up and run!

To date, I have now completed 2 marathons and lots of half marathons. I signed up for this year’s Edinburgh race as a personal challenge – I don’t have a specific time in mind, but if I can finish in under 4 hours again I’ll be happy with that.

I have a training plan and I guess you could say I’ve become the unofficial READ team captain – so I’m trying to use my experience to help and motivate my colleagues taking part with me. We are working up to a long run at the end of April, going from Brewdog in Aberdeen to Brewdog in Ellon – what better motivation than a refreshment at the finish!

This year I reached another milestone by completing my first overseas race – I ran the Katy Half Marathon in Houston in February.

I’m looking forward to Edinburgh, running with my team mates, and hope we can just go out and enjoy it.” You can support Alan and the rest of Team READ by making a donation to Guide Dogs – visit our fundraising page. Thank you.

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