Flexible delivery options through service partners or directly to operators

Direct Delivery to Operators

Historically, our case hole logging services were primarily delivered directly to Operators. With evolving procurement strategies, nowadays our focus has shifted to consolidated and easily managed single supplier contracts. This shift encourages smaller service companies to partner with each other or larger multi-product line suppliers.

Delivery through Service Partners

We take pride in our partnerships with well intervention specialists worldwide. Together, we offer significant added value for oil and gas operators and maximise production. By integrating READ’s world-leading, independent cased hole logging technologies with our partners’ bespoke wireline systems and unique downhole tools innovations, we leverage our skills and resources to provide exceptional customer service in key markets. 

Our strong partnerships connections enable us to meet operators’ cased hole logging requirements efficiently, utilising locally available tool inventories.

As our customers, you rely on the expert and impartial data analytics provided by our partner ANSA – making sure you receive actionable insights for optimised operations.

Benefits for Operators:

Benefits for Partner Service Companies:

Our Partners

Latest partnerships

Titan Oilfield Services | California

Titan Oilfield Services offer top-notch cased hole logging and open hole well intervention solutions. Specialising in wireline logging, downhole cameras, slickline, and coil tubing, Titan Oilfield Services complements READ’s Cased Hole solutions for well integrity, production logging, and reservoir evaluation, guaranteeing quality service across Central and Southern California.

Armada | Mexico

Armada, a premier well integrity service company, delivers specialised intervention solutions to oil and gas operators across Central America. Offering READ cased hole logging tools, our partnership expands service capabilities in Mexico and South American regions. Together, we introduce innovative and accurate downhole data analysis solutions, increasing regional insight.

ANSA | Independent Log Analysis Experts

ANSA, a global leader in independent cased hole data analytics, collaborates with us to provide a full range of data processing, analysis, and interpretation solutions. Formerly an in-house team at READ, ANSA became an independent entity in 2021 with experts based in data hubs across the UK, US, and Middle East. Their extensive knowledge and expertise certifies our delivery of impartial and accurate diagnostics to all our clients.

WWS Tunisia READ Cased Hole

WWS | Tunisia

Based in Tunisia, WWS operates across North Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and UAE, specifying in slickline and e-line operations with custom-built dual drum trucks. Locally available through WWS are READ’s well integrity and production logging tools, offering operators in North Africa efficient access to cased hole logging technologies and expert data analytics.

READ Cased Hole
READ Cased Hole
READ Cased Hole
READ Cased Hole

EV | Alaska

As the premier downhole visual analytics company, EV assists operators worldwide in identifying and resolving wellbore issues. Serving as the exclusive distributor in Alaska, we integrate EV’s cutting-edge downhole video technology into our services in Kenai and on the Slope. With 24/7 call-out availability, our joint expertise offers exceptional service quality and unparalleled insight for local oilfield operators.

EV Cam READ Cased Hole
HG Wells READ Cased Hole

HG Wells | UK

Based in the UK, HG Wells offers well intervention services, consultancy, and equipment supply to the oil and gas sector. Through our partnership, we introduce top-tier cased hole logging technologies to the UK onshore market. Our collaboration integrates specialist downhole tools with their self-contained intervention unit, providing efficient service delivery.

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