Providing the full well performance picture

We are experts in well integrity evaluation with three decades of experience, delivering the best solutions and helping global operators and service partners overcome their well challenges.

Well integrity evaluation means getting the full picture of your well’s barrier performance. Our expertise will help you understand the structural integrity of tubing, casing, liners, and cement. By employing cutting-edge downhole tools and logging services, we provide precise identification and quantification of issues such as damage, deformation, leaks, and scale build-up.

Whether deploying electric wireline, slickline, or coiled tubing in memory or real-time, our well intervention services are tailored to suit your specific requirements and operational needs.

We optimise the performance and longevity across your well’s lifecycle.

Our industry knowledge, technical excellence and proven track record provide the answers to help you with:

Well Integrity Services

Bond Quality


Zonal Isolation

ID, OD, Thickness, identify pitting / holes / scale / etc

  • Baseline Integrity & Drilling Wear Assessment
  • 3D (modeling) & 4D (timelapse) Analysis
  • BOP & Jewelry Condition Analysis
  • Remedial Placement Location (plugs, straddles, patches, etc)
  • Well Entry / Downhole Restriction Evaluation
  • open
  • closed
  • partial

single and multi barrier annular leaks

Well Integrity Tools

Radial Bond Tool (RBT)

  • Realtime & Memory Sondex BH

*Acoustic Borehole

  • Imager Cement Mode (ABI-C)
  • Realtime only
  • Advanced Logic Technology

* Ultrasonic Cement Evaluation via a slim 1 11/16” OD Toolstring

Noise Tool (NTO) / small frequency range station stops – Realtime & Memory – Sondex BH

Leakpoint S100 / high frequency single barrier leaks – Realtime & Memory – Archer Owned
(partnership access)

VIVID / dual sensor broad frequency multi barrier leaks – Realtime & Memory – Archer Owned
(partnership access)

24 / 40 / 60 Multi-finger Caliper (MFC 24 / 40 / 60)
– Realtime & Memory – Sondex BH

80 Multi-finger Caliper (MFC80) – Realtime only – Sondex BH

High Pressure-High Temperature 40 Multi-finger Caliper (HPHT MFC40)
– Realtime & Memory – Sondex BH / READ upgraded

Extended Fingers (MFC-EXT) – for all MFC tools – increases casing measurement range

ZeroWear™ Fingers (ZW) – erosion resistant suitable for corrosive well environments & for all
MFC tool sizes

* Standard fingers are made with beryllium copper finger-tips that are coated with spray-on tungsten carbide
* READs Zerowear fingers replace standard spray on material with an infused tungsten metal matrix

Magnetic Thickness Tool (MTT) / single casing – Realtime &
Memory – Sondex BH

Magnetic Thickness Detector (MTD) / multi casing – Realtime &
Memory – GoWell (rental)

Magnetic Imaging Defectoscope (MID) / multi casing – Realtime &
Memory – Archer Owned (partnership access)

Downhole Video Camera – Realtime & Memory – EV Cameras Owned
(partnership access)

*Acoustic Borehole Imager – Integrity Mode (ABI-I) – Realtime only –
Advanced Logic Technology
* Ultrasonic Cement Evaluation via a slim 1 11/16” OD Toolstring

READ Cased Hole Production Logging Well Integrity Reservoir Evaluation

Operators worldwide choose READ time and again for their cased hole logging needs

We make the management of cased hole logging easy.

We offer unparalleled support from dedicated facilities across the globe, ready to mobilise to any location at a moment’s notice.   Working closely with ANSA, we also specialise in delivering comprehensive and high-precision data analysis and interpretation, ensuring that you receive actionable insights to optimise your operations.

As your trusted partner, we provide the ultimate all-encompassing well integrity service enabling you to improve the efficiency and visibility and predictability across your wells.

Contact us today to discover how our well integrity services can drive success for your operations.

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