Production Logging

Insightful solutions to support safe, cost-effective and efficient production

Production Logging

All over the world, customers choose READ’s production logging services to better understand their wells. We have run production logging tools (PLTs) in hundreds of wells and we’ve acquired and analysed millions of feet of log data – giving you the peace of mind that your assets are in safe and qualified hands.

Using state-of-the-art centreline, MAPS and FAST tools, we offer valuable insight into the nature and behaviour of fluids inside your well – during production or injection – and we’ll help you identify and quantify hydrocarbons in each zone.

We understand the challenges facing operators today. Achieving sustainable and profitable extraction is more complex than ever – but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We have the experience, technical knowledge and expertise to cut through complexity, work around the challenges and get the job done – efficiently, cost-effectively and expertly.

We help you unlock the potential from your well and exceed your operational targets by:

Production Logging Services

Our centreline production logging tools present you with a thorough profile of your well, whether inflow or injection. This suite of tools is ideal for single or two phase wells. We can help you identify and locate any issues you may be experiencing within your wells, and support you in planning the correct remedial action.

With industry standard deployment in both memory and surface read out, we give you the confidence to know that you’ll acquire the data you need to make the right decisions for improving well performance. 

Over the last three decades we’ve logged hundreds of wells worldwide, acquiring and analysing millions of feet of log data, and we’re proud of the strong relationships we’ve built with operators who choose to keep working with us for their PLT requirements.

Here at READ, we are highly experienced in running our multiple array production suite (MAPS) tools and delivering efficient and accurate data interpretations. Combined with our centreline sensors, our MAPS system can offer unique insight into your highly deviated and horizontal wells.

Array PLTs cover the entire wellbore with sensors and record all three phases involved in complex flow regimes associated with deviated or horizontal wells.

We can advise you on your logging strategy to ultimately help you plan better, and deploy your people and resources more effectively.

The ultra-compact flow array sensing tool (FAST) provides the next generation in production logging. It delivers improved accuracy of production evaluation via a highly modular high resolution platform in deviated wells.

We can tailor the toolstring to suit your specific well issues. Whether the requirement is to identify gas hold-up, water entry points to within a small fraction of hold-up or sand entry points, or if the requirement is extremely high velocity PLT logging in dry gas wells, FAST offers the perfect solution within these challenging and complex logging environments. 

With a complete toolstring length of just one metre, FAST can operate on slickline, electric wireline or coiled tubing and READ is the only service provider capable of deploying FAST in both memory and surface read out – so by working with us, we’ll help you see what’s happening in your well in real-time.

READ Cased Hole
Production Logging Services READ Cased Hole
READ Cased Hole Production Logging

Centreline PLT Tools

Dependable, reliable and the first line of production logging, centreline PLT logging tools have been the go-to technology for hundreds of companies across the world for many years. Centreline can be used for memory or real time applications, and with no motors to deploy the sensors offer increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

MAPS - Multi Array Logging Suite

An industry standard for the past 20 years, the Multi Array Production Suite (MAPS) has a global track record that is unmatched in logging downhole producing and water injector wells. With the familiar names of the array sensors, Capacitance Array Tool (CAT), Spinner Array Tool (SAT) and Resistance Array Tool (RAT), coupled with the other complementary sensors from the centreline suite of tools, this technology has dominated deviated and horizontal well production logging with answers not achievable with other production logging techniques.

CAT Capacitance Array Tool READ Cased Hole
FAST Tool READ Cased Hole

FAST - Flow Array Sensing Tool

The third generation (Gen3) Flow Array Sensing Tool (FAST) is at the cutting edge of conventional and horizontal production logging. Highly modular, the tool can be set up with up to 16 array sensors on a single 1 m long toolstring. Deployable on slickline, digital slickline, coil tubing, carbon rod (in memory mode), or electric wireline including tractor conveyed logging (real-time), this versatility gives our customers the ability to enter into virtually any well in the world.

FAST Tool READ Cased Hole

It’s easy to see why operators choose READ as their production logging partner

We have three decades of oil and gas experience and expertise. We can support you from dedicated facilities across the globe. Our highly-skilled field engineers can mobilise to any worldwide location at the shortest of notice. We deliver comprehensive and high-precision data analysis and interpretation. We have an impeccable safety track record.

In short, we are committed to working in collaboration with operators, and offering innovative and insightful solutions to support safe, cost-effective and efficient production.

Speak to us and find out how our production logging services can help you optimise hydrocarbon recovery around the world.

Technical Datasheets

Access technical specifications for all of our production logging tools.

Well Integrity

READ offers an extensive suite of technologies and services for oil and gas well integrity evaluation.

Reservoir Evaluation

Our services, expertise and technical knowledge bring you closer to the reservoir.


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