We specialise in cased hole logging. Our expertise is dedicated to well integrity, production logging, reservoir evaluation and correlation.

Our services are enhanced by value-adding technologies that help operators and service partners meet their logging requirements.

Well Integrity Services READ Cased Hole

Well Integrity

Expert support for well integrity evaluation, providing a detailed understanding of casing and cement, and early detection of potential integrity issues.

Production Logging Services READ Cased Hole

Production Logging

Specialist cased hole logging services to assist in maximising hydrocarbon recovery and optimising the performance of your wells.

READ Cased Hole

Reservoir Evaluation

Valuable insight into your wells and reservoir to help improve operational efficiency and maximise production. We'll bring you closer to the reservoir.


Specialist logging services for depth correlation enhanced by value-adding technologies.

Specialist Services

HPHT services, tool rental, tool servicing and logging engineer provision and training to help you meet your logging requirement


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