ZeroWear™ Multifinger Caliper Sensors

ZeroWear™ Multifinger Caliper Sensors

No two cased holes are the same. With varying depths, deviations, temperatures and downhole conditions, you need a logging service provider that can adapt to any challenge, anywhere in the world.

READ is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to acquiring accurate downhole data, even in the harshest of well environments. Customers trust us to deliver the most precise and comprehensive diagnostic solutions.

Our ZeroWear™ Multifinger Caliper Sensors offer a unique and revolutionary approach to well integrity data acquisition in hostile environments.

Designed and engineered in-house by READ, and successfully laboratory and field tested, these pioneering sensors achieve a far greater level of precision, including in harsh environments (high temperature, H2S / CO2 conditions) compared to standard tungsten carbide coated sensors.

ZeroWear™ replaces traditional spray-on coatings with a patented method of construction to create a virtually indestructible multifinger caliper sensor.


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